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After-sale service

(1)After-sales service network

Our company following the customary international standard in our mode of business and employing distributorship as our major sales forces, therefore, it evolves into a biggest sales network as well the after sales service network. With the company's centralized service centre, we manage to control all the servicing units across the nation whose activities are to provide services on major overhaul maintenance projects and emergency back up service support. The service centre that is located across the nation will by all means be responsible for the general maintenance as well.

(2)Code and standard for after sales service

1.  Applying feedback report to consolidate all feedback data for our quality accessment with aim to provide timely handling of all the problems.
2.  To response to all the positive suggestions from our clients.
3.  To settle all the issues in regard to quality problem and timely response to all the correspondence and phone calls.

Technical Supports


CORE POWER has established a standardized customer service process by strictly following international quality system ISO9000. It strictly observes contractual requirements and product technical specifications to provide customers with relevant services so as to furthest satisfy customer need. Our customer process has clearly defined the aim that "Passionately provide good services before sales, during sales and after sales. Any behavior unfavorable to customer interests shall be disciplined." Strict operating procedures are followed to solve problems for customers:

I. Service Process:

1.      Before Sales Service: Timely manage calls and mails from customers, thoughtfully consider needs and design optimum configuration solutions for customers. In the meanwhile, actively listen to good suggestions from customers and continuously improve work.

2.      During Sales Service: Responsible for customers, actively and earnestly follow contracts for execution, ensure good quality products and on-time delivery, keep timely communication with customers.

3.      After Sales Service: Repairing and maintenance of sold products as well as relevant product consultation are all managed by Service Center . It is responsible for the organization and control of after sales service as well as critical maintenance and urgent support for the sold products in the world. Our company has sales offices all over the country, which can provide visiting service and provide best solutions to assist customer needs.

4.      Assign personnel to specially track the quality feedback from customers, carry out the system of quality feedback sheet and quality tracking card and establish perfect customer feedback response mechanism and system.

5.      Adhere to the service principles: (1) provide initiative visiting service to timely solve problems. (2) Actively respond to the good suggestions from customers. (3) Dispose quality dissensions according to laws and regulations.

 II. Quality Commitment

    The generators/generator sets sold by CORE POWER . are all provided by excellent suppliers in the industry. The products have been gone through material incoming quality control, production process control and end-product quality control with standardized processes in accordance with ISO international quality system, American EPA, CE and other national standards. All TPS's products will be inspected by our QC department before they are provided to customers. Effective test reports from the manufacturer will be provided. User manuals will be accompanied with products for customers to follow the operational standards.

 III. Supply and Assurance

1.      Spare Parts Storage:

CORE POWER has established a good storage system with its partners, which can provide relevant spare parts within shortest time according to customer requirements. During the"free Warranty"period, if customers use products properly, repairing and maintenance expense as well as travel expense will be exempted. After the"free Warranty" period, our company keeps tracking the goods and provides maintenance. If troubles occur during normal operation, we will only charge the cost for spare parts, travel expense and part of maintenance expense.

2.      Service Assurance:

1).      Warranty time is one year or 1000 hours (whichever comes first);

2).      Provide Operation and Maintenance manuals;

3).      Our company stores adequate spare parts. During the warranty time, if problems are caused by assembling quality, spare parts will be replaced freely. After the warranty time is expired, spare parts for customers will be charged at cost prices;

4).      Hold trainings for customers and maintenance groups regularly with no charge, or actively perform relevant product technical exchange based on customer needs;

5).      During the specified life time, initiatively assist customers to maintain products;

6).      Timely provide new product and new technology information;

7).      Responsible for debugging the products sold in China with no charge;

8).      Design soundproof solutions for machine rooms for customers with no charge;

9).      Provide upgraded control systems for customers.  


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